Ep 39 - Meet Amy Elisa Jackson, Editorial Director, Glassdoor.com

Amy Elisa Jackson is an established expert in entertainment and lifestyle journalism, content management and social media strategy. She is currently the Editorial Director at Glassdoor.com, one of the fastest growing job sites. The Stanford University alum and proud 'LA girl' has spent nearly 15 years as an award-winning journalist on both digital and print platforms. She served as the Lifestyle Editor for Ebony Magazine, executing cover stories and exclusive interviews with Magic Johnson, Mariah Carey and Mike Tyson. More recently, Amy Elisa has brought her talents to Silicon Valley creating content for Levo League and Facebook.

Amy Elisa kicked off her career at PEOPLE Magazine where she earned a coveted LA Press Club Award. She continues to work with top brands, both in print and digital media, such as Facebook, MSN, BET, Lexus, Essence Magazine, Latina Magazine, AOL Makers, Business Insider, Fast Company and iVillage. An on-air entertainment expert, Amy has appeared on Good Morning America, E! News, Access Hollywood, and Inside Edition. Whether she is conducting a milestone interview or launching a new digital property, she handles it all with poise, passion and a unique blend of sassy sophistication.

I will admit that I was already a fan of Amy Elisa before our interview, as you will be able to tell by how fast I’m talking, ha, but after our conversation, I officially became the president of the Amy Elisa Jackson fan club.

Some of the things we discuss in our conversation are:

- Choosing a career path that is outside of the family career path.

- Black #girlbosses who inspire her.

- Dealing with the different seasons of your career.

- Leaving the dream job to struggle

- Having the life of you dreams and losing that shortly thereafter.

- Adjusting to what is v. what you thought would be.

- Why she hasn’t chosen entrepreneurship.

- Being vocal about Diversity and Inclusion at work.

I think you are really going to enjoy this conversation, so as always grab your favorite beverage, your notebook and pen, and get ready to catch these gems.

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