Ep 43 - Preparing For Your Online Interview

In this episode Watchen discusses how COVID-19 has drastically changed how we go about landing a new job.

We know that this has fast tracked us to a recession/depression so the condition of the job market is going to be challenging for some people, and whether you find yourself in the job market due to layoffs, or because this pandemic has forced you to take a closer look at the company that you work for and you realize that you just aren’t aligned, or if you are being recognized for your contributions internally and have an opportunity for an internal promotion, one of the things that I am confident is going to continue to change is the way that we interview.

I want to make sure that as a community we are prepared for what could be

the new normal when it comes to finding a new job.

We discuss:

- Effective preparation

- Technology

- Getting in the right headspace