Ep 55 - Meet, Dannielle Cumberbatch, VP, Product Operations, Rakuten Advertising

In this episode you meet Dannielle Cumberbatch. Dannielle has over 20 years of experience in the digital & performance-based marketing industry. She grew up loving computers and socially was in the middle of everything – sports, academic activities, Girl Scouts © and anything fun. Dannielle credits her tenure within the business to her mix of client service experience and technical know-how, which allows her to pull the best out of People & Machine. Dannielle got her first taste of entrepreneurship during her college years as an independent singer/songwriter. She officially transitioned into the business marketing scene, working as an intern at an independent marketing company - Own Your Power Communications, run by Simone Kelly. During her time at Own Your Power, Dannielle was webmaster for the site and responsible for organizing geo-targeted promotional campaigns to increase awareness and attendance of local OYP events in NY, NJ, GA, FL & Wash, DC. Joining Rakuten Advertising in 2006, Mrs. Cumberbatch was selected to build a brand new service offering for the business – identifying and activating Lead Generation partnerships with publishers who distribute offers through Form-Hosting, Web Display, Email, Search (SEM/SEO), Pay-Per-Call: Mobile, Print & Per-inquiry Radio. At its peak, Dannielle was responsible for a client portfolio with an annual revenue target of $17M+.

In her most recent role as Vice-President, Product Operations, Dannielle leads a dynamic, global team responsible for the technical integration and marketing launch of brands seeking to increase their distribution and sales opportunities through Affiliate, Search and Programmatic Display channels. With clients seeking to drive new online and offline sales, within the Americas and Internationally, Dannielle’s daily work responsibilities all lead back to how her and her team can ensure the client satisfies their consumer privacy needs, create a workflow that supports their business profitability goals; and has the best onboarding experience. Outside of work, Dannielle is a wife and mother of two beautiful children and pushes to be a better version of herself every day.

Some of the things that stood out to me during our conversation were about:

~The importance of keeping receipts when it comes to self advocacy.

~Deciding where you put your focus.

~The role of entrepreneurship in a corporate setting.

~How to remain visible when the company you work for is going through growing pains.

~Balancing herself, her spouse and her children during COVID.

~The importance of asking for and accepting help.

Really grateful to Dannielle for sharing a bit of her career journey with us.