What's Your Career Story? Masterclass

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All decisions about your career are going to be made when you are not in the room, so what are people saying about you when you aren't in the room?

In this masterclass, you will learn how to build from your own experiences and tap into universal feelings so that decision-makers can relate to what you have to share, and can advocate for you behind closed doors. 

Tell your story your way,  before someone else gets to tell it their way. #ControlTheNarrative


Taught by Pulitzer Prize Nominated Journalist, Lolly Bowean, this Masterclass will allow you to:

🔋 Know the elements of a good story so people don't tune you out.

🔋 Have a framework for your career story that allows people to quickly understand who you as a professional.

🔋 Have tips for developing your career narrative that sticks.

🔋 Identify the career milestones that matter, to the people who matter.

🔋 Discover and understand what makes your specific career journey special so that you stand out.

🔋 Know the essential questions you need to answer before you start crafting your career story.